Brewers’ lifetime achievement award for chair of parish council

Brewers’ lifetime achievement award for chair of parish council

A "Lifetime achievement award" from the Society of independent brewers (SIBA) was announced this week for Carola Brown, the former owner of Ballards Brewery and current chairman of Trotton with Chithurst parish council.

Carola had been part of Ballards Brewery since it started in 1980 in what is now the Elsted Inn, where she was landlady. She took over the firm and moved the brewery to Nyewood in 1988, after the pub was sold to Tweazle Jones. Here it brewed and sold its well-known Ballards Mild, Best Bitter, Nyewood Gold, Wassail and other beers, as well as organising an annual beer walk (a local favourite 'pub crawl') until 2018, when Carola finally retired and sold the brands to Greyhound Brewery of West Chiltington.

Along the way, Carola did a 3-year stint as chair of the Society of Independent Brewers in the late 1990's, followed by a further 3 years as president. She was involved in many government and other public affairs campaigns on its behalf, including its long and successful campaign for the "Progressive Beer Duty" (also known as "Small breweries' relief"), which allows small breweries to pay less tax on their products and came into effect in 2002. The citation for this year's SIBA award says: "From all independent craft brewers, reflecting our immense gratitude for your outstanding contribution to the British beer industry".

Posted: Sat, 16 Mar 2019 17:41 by Neil

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