Proposal to create walkway along A272 in Trotton

At the request of some residents, the village council is looking at the possibility of creating a walkway along the side of the A272 from Rother Lane to Terwick Lane. This would run along the edge of the field adjacent to Rother Lane and then along the verge as far as Old Rectory lane. From there to the other side of Trotton bridge would be a painted walkway on the edge of the road (which is mainly one-way for this stretch) but from the bridge to Terwick Lane would again be on the verge.

A preliminary meeting of all the landowners involved has been held and all of them agreed the proposal, on condition that the public right of way currently running through Old Rectory Lane was restored to its previous believed route across the field adjacent to Rother Lane. As WSCC is currently over-loaded with requests for new routes for rights of way, and is not accepting any more until the backlog is cleared, the village council is looking for any evidence of this former route, well remembered by local residents - ie to prove that a new right of way is not required.

UPDATE: This project has been cancelled as no evidence could be found that there was ever a public right of way across Hop Field.

Posted: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 09:00 by Neil

Tags: Consultation