Financial information

The council is financed mainly by a "precept" collected with the rates by the Chichester district council (CDC), although it sometimes also receives small grants and other income (eg a £250 grant for the Queen's birthday memorial in 2016). Towards the end of every year, the council draws up budgets and calculates how much money it needs for the next financial year (starting on 1st April). We then submit a request to Chichester in January and CDC works with the West Sussex county council, the police and its own departments and calculate the overall rate to be paid by each ratepayer. You can see our latest budgets on this site and you will see that we have asked for a precept of £3,000 for 2018-19 (the same as for 2016-17 and 2017-18) - which amounts to roughly £1 per month for each resident. Our aim is to provide the services for which we are responsible as efficiently as possible and we are always happy to hear suggestions from residents.

The council's "Responsible financial officer" supervises all financial matters but day-to-day payments and receipts are handled by the clerk, who reports to the council at its bi-monthly meetings on the latest expenditure and updates the budget. Any resident can attend these meetings and ask questions about finance - or anything else.

We also have to submit an annual return to the government, reporting our income & expenditure and reporting on our governance - see below.

Budget / expenditure

You can see the budget for the current year, plus updates of expenditure for the year-to-date by looking at the papers for our latest council meeting (every other month from January) here, as we include a finance update, with bank statements at every meeting. You are also welcome to contact the clerk with any comments, questions or suggestions about the council's finances (or anything else).

Latest annual return

Scans of our recent annual returns (including the annual governance statement and external audit certificate) are in the document store - you can see all of them here


The council's only assets are a small triangle of grass verge in Mill Lane (not valued) and the following: