Trotton with Chithurst parish council

Serving the people of Trotton and Chithurst

Parish Clerk: Mr Neil Ryder
Steps, Trotton, West Sussex
GU31 5EP

Tel: 01730 207447

Clr Rosie Hodgson

Clr Rosie Hodgson

Council member

You can contact Rosie via the clerk (see below) or by email here.

Mill Lane, Trotton

I've lived in Mill Lane, Trotton since I was born and couldn't imagine a lovelier place to have grown up. My parents were always active in our community and my Dad was on the Parish Council for many years before he died in 2015. I took his seat to carry on his work bringing the village together, but also to start new projects like the community wildflower meadow which will be planted in autumn 2017 and St George's 'community hub'.
My boyfriend, Rowan and I are both musicians and can often be found playing around and about the area. I also do lots of babysitting and childcare in the village and am so pleased to see lots of kids moving into the parish. Over the next few years, I'd really love to get involved with starting children's projects in Trotton as there are so few facilities!