Trotton with Chithurst parish council

Serving the people of Trotton and Chithurst

Parish Clerk: Mr Neil Ryder
Steps, Trotton, West Sussex
GU31 5EP

Tel: 01730 207447

Access to information

The parish council maintains a primary noticeboard at Mill Lane, plus a secondary noticeboard in the bus shelter at Chithurst. We are working towards expanding a third noticeboard at the northern end of Gatehouse Lane.

We publish as much information online as possible.

Residents should be aware that the council is entitled to withhold certain information, but the council will only do this if the information is considered to be confidential. Please check the documents page for a list of documents currently available.

Follow this link for full details about the Freedom of Information Act

You can use the form below to make a request for council information under the Freedom of Information Act.

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