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    Chithurst Bridge

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    Chithurst Church

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    Chithurst Monastery

  • Doughnut tree at Trotton's annual fete

    Doughnut tree at Trotton's annual fete

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    Trotton Common

  • Trotton Bridge

    Trotton Bridge

  • Trotton Church

    Trotton Church

Trotton with Chithurst is a civic parish a few miles West of Midhurst, in the heart of the picturesque South Downs National Park. In the 2001 census the parish covered 3 square miles and had 129 households with a total population of 328. It contains the two villages of Trotton and Chithurst, together with the hamlet of Dumpford and it straddles the A272 road and the Rother river. The parish council is the bottom layer of local government, but is run entirely by volunteers - 7 council members and a part-time clerk. It is financed by a "precept" collected with the rates by the district council, and amounting to roughly £1 per month for each resident. We have tried to include on this website a summary of the services we provide, with other local information and we hope you can find what you are looking for by browsing or searching the site; if not, please contact us.

Latest News

Parish finances open to inspection

The unaudited annual return was approved by the council last night and is available for residents to inspect - see the notice below

Posted: Sat, 05 Jun 2021 08:22 by Neil

Vacancy for parish council member

As Thais Robertson has resigned from the parish council (PC), a vacancy now exists for a resident to replace her as a PC member. The council would normally be required by law to give residents the opportunity to call on the district council to organise an election. However, the district council has informed us that the government has suspended all elections until next May, and that all vacancies must be filled by 'co-option'. More »

At an extra PC meeting at 6pm on 10th February 2021, therefore, the remaining members will be required to fill the vacancies by electing someone from any available candidates.

A summary of the role is set out in the document linked below and our parish clerk – or any of the existing members - would be happy to tell interested residents more about what is involved in being a member of the council.

As candidate details must be circulated to PC members by 3rd February 2021, you are advised to contact the clerk (see panel above) before that, so that he can help you to prepare the application. » Less

Posted: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 19:47 by Neil

Rogate White Horse pub and village centre survey

You may know that the White Horse pub in Rogate has been put up for sale and the community, have until 24th May to decide whether to make a bid for it.

This has added urgency to the need to update the village plan, and a group of volunteers representing the parish council, village hall management, church, school, R&T News, START Community Trust, and other village interests has put together a simple questionnaire. More »

They are interested in the opinions about what is important for the future well-being of the village from those who live, work and visit here and would be very grateful if you would spare 10-15 minutes to answer all the questions in the online village questionnaire.

Please share with other members of your household and anyone else you know who uses Rogate village amenities, and encourage them to fill in the survey too.

Thank you very much indeed. » Less

Posted: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 17:53 by Neil