Trotton with Chithurst parish council

Serving the people of Trotton and Chithurst

Parish Clerk: Mr Neil Ryder
Steps, Trotton, West Sussex
GU31 5EP

Tel: 01730 207447

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Protecting your privacy

Ours is such a small community that, in the past, we have tended to operate fairly informally, with various people keeping lists of names and contact details for various different purposes. We didn't need to tell you what we were going to do with the information or even get your permission to add you to the list.

Under the new "General data protection regulations" (GDPR), that's all changed. Now, we have to have specific permission to add you to each list, tell you what we use it for and how long we will keep your information on it. It should improve your privacy but it does mean a lot of organisations will be asking you for permission to keep you on their lists.

Making it easy for you

We'd like to make this as easy as possible for you. You can sign up here for each list you are happy for us to add you to (or keep you on). Please fill in your name and email address and then tick the selected boxes and give any further information beside it. Please note that, even if you are on a list – eg the First Friday list – we need you to give us permission to keep you on it.

In each case, we will keep your details on the list only while it is still being used for that purpose – eg we will delete all names from the First Friday booking list after sending the numbers to the venue staff. We will not add names from one list to another and will never share them with anyone else without your written permission. You can ask us to remove you from any list whenever you like and we are legally obliged to do so. Our full privacy notice is on our website (see the link at the bottom of every page).

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