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Neil Ryder

Neil Ryder

Councillor and (voluntary) clerk to the parish council

Neil is the (voluntary, unpaid) clerk to the council as well as a member, so he is the main contact for the council, looks after its administration and attends all main council and committee meetings. He also looks after the council website.

Steps, Trotton, GU31 5EP
020 3021 3383

I came to Trotton when I retired, after 8 years as an RAF pilot;5 years at the Financial Times marketing department;8 years at a FTSE 100 company, finally as director of corporate marketing, investor relations and strategy; 21 years as co-founder and director of an international investor relations consultancy. I am a governor of both Rogate and Stedham primary schools and a volunteer driver of the Midhurst community bus, as well as a parent of three and grandfather of 6.