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Clr Katherine MacKellar

Clr Katherine MacKellar

Council member

You can contact Katherine via the clerk (see below) or by email here

Chithurst Lane, Chithurst

I was fortunate to find and buy a property in Chithurst in 2006, and I still love it here. I am a master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy practitioner with private clients, and I also work and run workshops with a company specialising in 'personal and spiritual growth'. From time to time I enjoy running a crystal bowl and gong Sound bath. Some may say I am a bit wacky; certainly I like to explore things when not playing about in my garden. My Parents lived in Liss for 25 years, and I am single with no children, but I seem to have collected my share of rescue animals and friends staying over the years and never know what is happening from day to day. I used to live and work in London and did catering for the film industry, and I still part-own my grandparents home in Yorkshire, where I am a patron of the local church. I enjoy a varied life, helping anyone when I can.